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Gators would be much better today with...

Gators would be much better today with Cam Newton

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 29, 2010

Gators would be much better today with Cam Newton

You can’t look forward to Florida coming to Alabama without looking back at the road that took Cam Newton to Auburn. It’s not possible unless you’re in absolute denial after witnessing his rare and obvious talents.
A different action here, a different decision there, and Newton could be coming to Alabama as the Florida quarterback. Florida could be reloading on offense, rather than rebuilding.
For the third straight year, Alabama and Florida could be meeting as the top two teams in the nation. Or not. No one will ever know for sure.
This much, we do know. One sequence of events two years ago involving Newton had a bigger impact on the SEC in 2010 than any other recruiting or coaching decision since.

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