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Laurel councilman agrees with Sen....

Laurel councilman agrees with Sen. McDaniel

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 27, 2010

Laurel councilman agrees with Sen. McDaniel

LAUREL — To the editor:

Even though we may not always see eye to eye on certain political issues, I must echo the sentiments expressed by Sen. Chris McDaniel in his latest column.

There are many positive things occurring in education in the city of Laurel and in Jones County, led by truly dedicated individuals in the field, but there is so much more that could be accomplished if the parents were truly involved, in a positive way.

I grew up in an era when a quality public education was one of the most cherished possessions that a person between the ages of six and eighteen could obtain. This was not something that the child had a say so in, but was instead something that the parents and the community had already determined to be a fact of life, no discussion necessary.

The property values in the city of Laurel are falling, and citizens are constantly migrating and in my opinion, this is in direct correlation to the dilapidated appearance of the city, which is again in correlation to the educational level of the residents. We must all become involved, this must change.

– Johnny Magee

Ward 6, City Councilman

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