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Nunnelee – Childers votes to...

Nunnelee – Childers votes to raise taxes hurting North Mississippi real estate, farmers

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 24, 2010

Childers votes to raise taxes hurting North Mississippi real estate, farmers

Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team have passed many new, expensive programs over the last two years. Travis Childers voted to put her in charge, and then voted for $2.5 trillion in new federal spending. Someone has to pay for all that spending, and that “someone” in many cases will be real estate businesses and farmers in North Mississippi through higher taxes.

Here are some of the votes that have cost North Mississippi real estate and farmers the most:
Tax increases on real estate and family investment partnerships (HR 4213): Congressman Childers voted for an increase on taxes on real estate and family investment partnerships. The Wall Street Journal said that small real estate partnerships would be decimated by the Pelosi-Childers tax increase. Can these small businesses afford that in the middle of a fragile economy?

ObamaCare’s tax increase on real estate transactions: ObamaCare pays for its expensive new proposals with new taxes. One of those new taxes is a tax increase on real estate. Congressman Childers refuses to repeal ObamaCare, and in his own words about ObamaCare: “No one wanted to vote for health-care reform more than I did.” To get rid of expensive, harmful policies like ObamaCare, we have to get rid of Nancy Pelosi.

The Death Tax (HR 4154): With HR 4154, Childers voted for and the House passed a measure to extend the Death Tax indefinitely into the future. True conservatives in the House strongly opposed this bill. Family farmers work hard to grow their businesses and create wealth for their family. They pay their taxes on every dollar that they earn. When they pass away, that wealth shouldn’t be taxed again, and they should be able to hand every penny they’ve earned to their children. That’s the only way family farms will survive, and Travis Childers sided with Nancy Pelosi in voting against their interests.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Congressman Childers voted 14 times to increase taxes by $654 billion. We can’t afford two more years of job-killing tax increases.

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