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WICKER – Work still remains to...

WICKER – Work still remains to rebuild economy and livelihoods

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 30, 2010

Work still remains to rebuild economy and livelihoods

There are events in our lives that we hold in our hearts and minds as defining moments. Like many, I remember the landfall and resulting devastation from Hurricane Katrina that occurred five years ago. It was one of those events Mississippians never will forget as they pass down stories of their own experiences to their children and grandchildren. The storm’s devastation took the lives of more than 230 Mississippians, affected more than two-thirds of our counties, and resulted in billions of dollars in damages to infrastructure and our economy. Still today, we suffer from lingering Katrina-related issues, including a lack of affordable property insurance, a slowly recovering population, and an unstable economy.

For many Mississippians, Hurricane Katrina was not just a storm. It was a test of our strength as a community. Committed to our neighbors and dedicated to restoring our way of life, Mississippians worked hard day and night to rebuild. On this five-year anniversary of Katrina, we should remember the strong spirit of community and volunteerism displayed during those tough days. Although much more work remains, I am confident that together we will see a complete recovery from the storm and the new challenges we face today.

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