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POLITICO – Haley Barbour hits...

POLITICO – Haley Barbour hits speaking circuit raising $50-75K per appearance for RGA

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 27, 2010

Barbour hits speaking circuit for RGA

RGA spokesman Mike Schrimpf says fees will be donated to the RGA, not to Barbour, and that the arrangement is a “fundraising mechanism” for the committee:

Governor Barbour is not being paid to give speeches. Governor Barbour has entered into an agreement with Leading Authorities for speaking engagements. He will in no way be remunerated for any of his speeches, and they will not interfere with his official duties. Instead, Leadership Authorities will direct any speaking fee to the RGA, which asked Governor Barbour to join this program in his capacity as RGA Chairman as a fundraising mechanism for RGA. Governor Barbour has the right to accept or decline any speech request and all requests will be fully vetted by the RGA and his state office.


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