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ALAN NUNNELEE – Creating jobs,...

ALAN NUNNELEE – Creating jobs, the Mississippi way

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 27, 2010

Today, working with Governor Barbour and Lt. Governor Phil Bryant, we’re putting into place incentives to grow jobs. In Mississippi, we’re providing an atmosphere where small businesses can thrive without placing a burden of debt on our children. By the end of this weekend, we will have helped a real business create 1,000 real jobs, changing lives and making 1,000 Mississippi families stronger.

Washington can learn something from Mississippi. As your congressman, I will take this common sense approach of creating jobs to Washington. Over the past two years, Nancy Pelosi and her liberal leadership team have wasted over $800 billion in frivolous spending, frightening businesses with future taxes, inflation and onerous regulations. This is not how you create jobs, and we must put a stop to these job-killing policies. Since this Congress took over in 2008 these policies have led to over 13% unemploym ent in North Mississippi and over 22,000 jobs lost in the First Congressional District alone.

Today, we’re creating jobs the Mississippi way. I’m proud to be a part of that, and I look forward to taking this approach to Washington. I will fight for responsible government that allows small businesses to thrive, creates jobs, and transforms families’ fortunes in the process.

In Mississippi, we’re not spending outside our means. We’re not passing on an impossible debt to our children. We’re not governing irresponsibly. We’re working on behalf of 1,000 families who will wake up tomorrow with a better future. I’m committed to taking this same common sense approach to Washington, and I will not rest until we make our government once again the servant of WE THE PEOPLE.

Alan Nunnelee Press Release (MS-01)

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