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CL – Budget: The train’s...

CL – Budget: The train’s now on the tracks?

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 20, 2010

Budget: The train’s now on the tracks?

Is the state’s budget “train” now on the tracks to passage – and on time to boot? Seems so.

The Legislature will return to the Capitol today after a three-week recess to complete its work during the 2010 regular session. Barring an unanticipated breakdown in dialogue between the House, Senate and the Governor’s Office, it appears that lawmakers may complete their work during the allotted 90-day regular session.

That represents quite a departure from the 2009 regular session which was still churning last June 30 right up to the midnight deadline on the final day of the fiscal year. Taxpayers chafed over the interminable 2009 legislative session and with the 2011 legislative elections approaching, there is a palpable sense that lawmakers don’t want to repeat the mistakes of 2009.


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