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A note about excessive rah-rah

A note about excessive rah-rah

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 13, 2010

I have noticed as of late that there has been an excessive amount of what I like to call political rah-rah on the site in recent weeks. There’s a lot of “vote for my guy and go visit his website” in comments. It has primarily come on behalf of some underfunded House candidates.

Anyhoo, I occasionally have to come out with a rules clarification for YP users prior to primary voting. YallPolitics is about the exchange of real ideas. To comment freely, you have to “earn in”. I don’t take political advertisements from anyone (not to say I will never, but right now that policy is in tact). I am not going to let this board be used for little more than political advertising by people who probably couldn’t afford to pay me anyway. I’ve worked too hard to keep the platform right.

So henceforward, no more rah-rah. It detracts from the site. If you want to make a point, make it. If you want to link to something specific that supports your candidate or opposes another, go ahead. But no more rah-rah. It ends today and I will take a hard line by deleting comments in their entirety.

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