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Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund endorses Alan Nunnelee for MS-01 seat

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 5, 2010

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund Endorses Alan Nunnelee for Congress

Angela McGlowan, a candidate for Congress in Mississippi’s First Congressional District, advocates gun control proposals that are extremely troubling to Second Amendment supporters.

In an August 2009 radio interview on “The Gallo Show,” McGlowan emphatically stated that the government should know what guns people have in their homes, and that such information should be included on peoples’ tax returns.

Did McGlowan misspeak; was this a slip of the tongue? Hardly. When pressed on this point, McGlowan held her ground. “For you gun totin’ people out there, I’m sorry, but I do believe that guns should be registered and people should know and the government should know.”

In response to a question from a caller concerned about gun owner registration leading to gun owner confiscation, McGlowan stuck to her talking points: “I think that the government has the right to know what guns we have in our homes.”

Throughout the interview, lasting nearly ten minutes, McGlowan never backed down from her extremist anti-gun rhetoric.

In a February 2010 speech, McGlowan tried to backpedal from her statements and called the interview with Paul Gallo a “political trap.” “I don’t want the government to take your guns away,” she said.

Well, maybe it’s comforting to some that McGlowan doesn’t want government agents actually raiding peoples’ homes and confiscating guns, but she never backed down from her support for a federal registry of gun owners. And that is a position Mississippi gun owners and sportsmen will strongly reject.

Thankfully, voters have a choice in the June 1 Republican primary. Alan Nunnelee, a State Senator representing Lee and Pontotoc counties since 1994, is a 100% gun rights supporter.

Sen. Nunnelee firmly believes in the right to keep and bear arms with NO interference from Washington bureaucrats and he especially opposes any type of gun owner registration schemes.

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is pleased to endorse Alan Nunnelee for Congress in Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District, and urges all Second Amendment supporters to stand with Alan in the Republican primary on June 1.

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