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Michael Vick, the Eagles and guaranteed...

Michael Vick, the Eagles and guaranteed money

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 11, 2010

Michael Vick, the Eagles and guaranteed money

Michael Vick is still an Eagle. To clarify and answer many reader questions about the roster bonus, there was no affirmative action the Eagles needed to take for Vick to remain with the team for the 2010 league year. He earns his roster bonus by, well, being on the roster, which he is as of today. It’s that simple. Contrary to reports, the Eagles have not “picked up his option”; they simply have not released or traded him from their roster prior to today.

So are the Eagles investing $2.5 million in Vick today? Well, maybe. They are certainly investing the $1.5-million roster bonus. As for the $1M guaranteed salary…well, not exactly, as you’ll see below.

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