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GC Editorial takes Charles Evers to...

GC Editorial takes Charles Evers to task – No pardon for Bobby DeLaughter

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 8, 2010

No pardon for Bobby DeLaughter

“All he did was lie,” Evers was quoted as saying. “What man can tell me he hasn’t lied? You’re telling me he should spend 18 months in prison for that?”

Evers misses the point.

This wasn’t some innocent fib that DeLaughter told. This was a calculated effort by a Mississippi judge to mislead federal prosecutors as they dug into the efforts of Dickie Scruggs, the super-rich and super-connected former plaintiffs’ lawyer, and his associates to corrupt the state’s judiciary.

If anyone should know, it should be DeLaughter, the former judge and state prosecutor, that the entire criminal justice system falls apart if people can get away with lying in a criminal investigation. Killers and crooks can walk away from their crimes if those who know the truth choose to lie instead. Beckwith went unpunished for 30 years in part because of lies that were told about where he was on the night of Medgar Evers’ murder.

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