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PepsiCo drops Tiger Woods drink

PepsiCo drops Tiger Woods drink

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 9, 2009

PepsiCo drops Tiger Woods drink

SOFT drink giant PepsiCo Inc. is dropping a brand named after Tiger Woods from its lineup, and television ads featuring the golfer haven’t been aired since a storm of publicity erupted over his car accident last month and subsequent revelations about alleged extramarital affairs.

Woods has been at the centre of a media frenzy since he crashed his car outside his Florida home on November 27, setting off a chain of events that has opened his personal life to scrutiny and led him to admit unspecified “transgressions”. In the latest twist on Tuesday, Woods’s mother-in-law was treated for stomach pains in hospital after collapsing at his mansion near Orlando, and was later released in “good condition”.

Barbro Holmberg, 57, the mother of the golfer’s wife, Elin Nordegren, is staying at the Woods home during a visit from her native Sweden.

In the 911 recording released by police, either Woods’s wife or her twin sister can be heard saying in a panicked voice: “Hurry up, my mom just collapsed.”

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