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LAWANDMORE’s Jane Genova...

LAWANDMORE’s Jane Genova publishes “The Fat Guy From Greenwich”

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 18, 2009

The Fat Guy From Greenwich” peeks at the comic underbelly of success on the Gold Coast of Connecticut. In this novel, the main character Jonathan Miller II aka The Fat Guy From Greenwich is a venture capitalist who became wealthy during the 1990s boom and made even more after The Crash. He is one of the few left standing in that smug town of Greenwich, Connecticut in 2008.

Drive to Be a Somebody

The son of German immigrants who came to America during Hitler’s time, Miller had been molested by his greenhorn uncle and bullied by his classmates. Overweight, poorly coordinated, and a Mama’s boy, he seeks relief from the pain by the drive to be become somebody. That type of somebody will never be accepted by the in-crowd. Those in the old-money circles of Greenwich look down on him. It’s an experience he thoroughly enjoys.

When The Fat Guy isn’t consumed with deals, he amuses himself by taking success wannabes emotional hostage. Systematically, he torments them with promises, double-binds, and careless treatment.

Success Wannabes

One of the hostages is Maria Romano, a big personality mess who blew in from working class Jersey City, New Jersey and longs to be part of The Establishment. Another is Mary Murphy. Because she is a known rat, they refer to her as Hail Mary Full of Shit. There are also two former jailbirds Red and Shorty who are hungering for the next scheme. The only survivor in this group is Chris Reilly, a former priest, who turns out to be as wounded and cagey as Miller and replaces him as the Skinny Fat Guy From Greenwich.

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