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Texas or TCU? : Who Gets the BCS...

Texas or TCU? : Who Gets the BCS Championship Invite?

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 17, 2009

Texas or TCU? : Who Gets the BCS Championship Invite?

Right now, it assuredly looks like a battle between Texas and whichever team comes out of the SEC as the SEC Champion. But we need to take a closer look at what has happened over the last month to see the inside of what has happened in such a short period of time.

Texas owns a single victory over a team currently ranked in the BCS Top 25 at the moment, Oklahoma State. The Pokes still have a game at Oklahoma in the tightly contested Bedlam Series rivalry game on tap. A loss to the Sooners could prove to be very detrimental to the Longhorns if they want to hold onto their advantage over the Horned Frogs from TCU.

After all, we are starting to see questions asked on whether Texas is even the best team in the state of Texas, aren’t we?

At the time I wrote the previous article, there were four teams ranked in the Top 25 that Texas had on their schedule. Very nice numbers for a team running towards a National Title bid.

However, the teams that were ranked in that Top 25 faced an uphill battle in remaining in the Top 25. That was mainly due to some out-of-conference losses by those teams along with some tough in-conference games that could start to seriously take hits on Texas’ overall strength of schedule.

I could not have been more right.

Like I said in that previous article, I would not be surprised if Texas had only one team that they had played that would end up with a Top 25 ranking. If Oklahoma were to beat Oklahoma State, which is very likely, they might not even end up with a SINGLE team ranked in the Top 25 of the BCS polls. Even with a win over Okie State, it would be hard to see a four-loss Oklahoma team climb much higher than the bottom of the BCS Top 25. And a three-loss Oklahoma State team might be hard pressed to find a Top 25 ranking, especially if they were to get blown out by the Sooners on the road.

So you say, what is the argument for TCU?

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