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KINGFISH – Hood claims Heather...

KINGFISH – Hood claims Heather Spencer was strangled to death. Was she?

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 30, 2009

KINGFISH – Hood claims Heather Spencer was strangled to death. Was she?

There is a serious question that needs to be asked in the Heather Spencer case: Why is Jim Hood claiming she was beaten and strangled to death? The Mississippi Attorney General stated in his press release announcing the guilty plea of George Bell, III “He went into rehab and, within 48 hours of getting out, he had raped her, beat her with a flashlight and strangled her until she no longer breathed. Heather gave her life trying to change the unchangeable.”

The only problem with that statement is the word “strangled” is never mentioned in the case until the day George Bell, III pleaded guilty to capital murder and kidnapping. Its not mentioned in the coroner’s report, media coverage before that day, the police reports, nowhere. Yesterday’s post stated:
Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart reported the time of death as 3:00 AM (page 1). A cold chill runs through the body when reading the evidence list: shorts, panties, red stain swabs, a .38 special revolver, post-mortem prints, and a skull fragment. Dr. Hayne reported Ms. Spencer suffered “severe lacerations to the brain, stress fractures, forced anal penetration, and severe tearing of the rectum. The official cause of death was ruled a Homicide with the underlying cause being Cranium Subreial Trauma/Blunt force trauma to the head.”

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