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McCullough Loses, Oxford GOP Chair Lew...

McCullough Loses, Oxford GOP Chair Lew Yoder campaigns for dems, Patterson shoots the bird

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 3, 2009

McCullough Loses, Oxford GOP Chair Lew Yoder: Traitor in Our Ranks?

Joke: “How does the GOP lose a city election in Mississippi?

A: “The Lafayette County Party Chair votes Democrat.”

GOP Party Chairman Lew Yoder did not back the only Republican running for mayor. Instead, he had two Pat Patterson signs in his yard. At the ballot counting today, using my real name and saying I was from SavetheGOP I asked Mr. Yoder why the local party did not stand behind McCullough. What did he say to me? “No Comment.”

Sad, but true.

How can the Republican Party Chair in Oxford, Mississippi not have to resign over supporting the Democrat running for mayor–and not only that, but even putting two of the man’s signs in his yard?

Winning local elections are one thing that we must all strive to do if we wish to save our party. People who fail to play on a team need not apply or register Republican. Lew Yoder should do the real conservatives in this town and state a favor and resign, this behavior is despicable. The State GOP needs to realize this was going on while a candidate in its ranks did his best on the streets to win votes. The people in Jackson need to apply pressure to get Yoder out of office.

Where is the outrage?

The McCullough Campaign was a fun experience. Working door to door, stuffing envelopes, shaking important people’s hands–all a worthwhile experience. But to learn, at the end of the day, that our own party was against us and we were the only camp with an R after our guys’ name? The GOP is going to have to save itself over this one. The local party gave no support, but Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann showed up to the May 19th fundraiser, hosted by Ole Miss Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy.


What did Pat Patterson teach me? Aside from witnessing him not shake Mr. McCullough’s offered hand before the numbers were final, standing in the parking lot with Campaign Consultant LLC owner Howie Morgan provided me one of the most valuable lessons about our new mayor, and probably Democrats in general. Howie said, “Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.” as Patterson walked by. Pattersons’ response? A middle finger to us both and “You lying sack of (”s” beginning-expletive)” to Morgan as he got into his truck. A text message describing the situation to a friend (believe it or not, I have Democrat friends) on the Patterson camp was answered by, “at least our mayor has balls.”

You stay classy, Mayor Patterson.

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