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MAJORITYINMS – Raise Your Hand If...

MAJORITYINMS – Raise Your Hand If You’re Running For Mayor of Jackson

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 10, 2009

Raise Your Hand If You’re Running For Mayor of Jackson

The breakdown of the race, for those of you that are interested, includes 12 Democratic candidates, 4 Independents, and 2 Republicans.

Dorothy Benford, Marshand K. Crisler, Eddie J. Fair, Joyce Harper, John Horhn, Harvey Johnson, Robert L. Johnson, John H. Jones Jr., Frank E. Melton (i), Faye Peterson, Brenda Scott, Jabari A. Toins,

Robert Amos, David Archie, Charlotte Reeves, Rick Whitlow

George Owen Lambus and Walter Slone Sr.
Jackson voters will go to the polls with plenty of choices on May 5th and will more than likely return two weeks later for a Democratic Primary Runoff.

Disclaimer: Majority in Mississippi does not claim to be any sort of expert on Jackson mayoral election politics, but here is our shot at who we think are the big contenders. Let’s also face the fact that the winner will most likely come from the Democratic Primary.

The Contenders:
Frank Melton: He is an incumbent and he is still popular among several groups in this city despite his run-ins with the law. This could change with his upcoming retrial slated to begin May 11th.
Harvey Johnson: He was elected mayor twice before and has a citywide reach and name recognition.
Eddie Fair: Has won countywide election as Hinds County Tax Collector and has name recognition citywide.
John Horhn: Serves in the Mississippi State Senate representing parts of Jackson.
Marshand Crisler: City Councilman giving up his seat to run for mayor. Has been posturing to run the last couple of years and could be a legitimate contender come May 5th.

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