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Lou Piniella outraged by ESPN analyst’s criticism (Cubs fans)

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 3, 2009

Lou Piniella outraged by ESPN analyst’s criticism

MESA, Ariz. — ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips might want to steer clear of Lou Piniella when the Cubs play Milwaukee on an April 12 ESPN telecast.
Piniella was fuming over a remark Phillips made recently on Chet Coppock’s WMVP-AM 1000 radio show. Asked about Kosuke Fukudome’s rookie season, Phillips criticized Piniella’s handling of the Japanese outfielder.

“My view is Lou doesn’t have a great deal of patience for assimilation into culture, assimilation into the team,” Phillips said. “He is just not the most patient guy around, and he tends to verbalize his frustrations in an angry way. I think that may have affected Fukudome a little bit.”

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