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Obama speech draws mixed reaction

Obama speech draws mixed reaction

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 25, 2009

The Hattiesburg American, 2/25/9

For state Rep. Percy Watson, not only was the right tone struck inside the halls of Congress Tuesday night by President Barack Obama, but the right message sent to the American public.

“It was a timely address,” said Watson, a Democrat from Hattiesburg who watched Obama’s televised address before a joint session of the United States House of Representatives and Senate.

“It was a very timely message, one the American people needed, and one they needed to hear.”

Obama stressed the need for the country to continue pull together, while also outlining the priorities that will be stressed in the budget proposal that he will present to Congress in a few days -health care, education, energy and national debt reduction.

“I think he laid out his plan of where he wants us all to go, and while based on a broad agenda, it was narrow enough in scope that he believes and wants us to believe that that agenda is achievable if we all pull together,” Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree said.

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