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Simpson County resident to file...

Simpson County resident to file complaint against Judge Larry Buffington

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 17, 2009

Today, Tom Bruckner, a resident of Simpson County, announced his intent to file a formal complaint with the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance regarding words and actions by Thirteenth District Chancery Judge Larry Buffington. Bruckner’s statement follows.

“I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting in Simpson County on February 11 and feel obligated to make a formal complaint against Judge Larry Buffington. His actions warranted a complaint when he used his power as a judge to make an unnecessary appointment, just so one of his friends could earn state retirement. But when he appeared before the Board of Supervisors in an attempt to discover who told the press about a public matter, Judge Buffington’s actions demanded a response.”

“He used his judicial position to run the Supervisors’ meeting. Judge Buffington said he issued subpoenas that didn’t comply with the law and he didn’t care. Judge Buffington took credit for the Covington County supervisors awarding their hospital contract to one of his friends. And, he claims everyone he ever appoints is a friend of his, and that everyone appoints their friends, which does not sound impartial to me. My complaint will list several violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct. I understand that once I have filed the complaint, the process will move forward confidentially. But I felt compelled to make my intentions public to ensure others have knowledge that the commission should be investigating these alleged violations.”

Bruckner intends to file the complaint Tuesday, February 17 and allege violations of the following canons in the Code of Judicial Conduct: Canon 1-A, Canon 2-A, Canon 2-B, Canon 3-C-4, Canon 4-C-1, and Canon 4-D-1. Judge Buffington serves as Chancery Court Judge for Simpson, Smith, Covington, Jefferson Davis and Lawrence counties.

Tom Bruckner Press Release

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