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SEC spring bash may be must-see TV

SEC spring bash may be must-see TV

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 17, 2009

As part of ESPN’s new 15-year, $2.25 billion agreement with the Southeastern Conference, a little known provision includes live coverage of the league’s spring meetings in Destin — plus gavel to gavel broadcasting of the closed-doors sessions between the school’s 12 head football coaches.

Well, not really.

But can you imagine if ESPN had its College GameDay show live on the sandy beaches in a few months? Start the music, roll the credits and action:

Chris Fowler: We are about to take you inside that door for the first ever encounter between rookie Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin and Florida’s Urban Meyer and Nick Saban of Alabama.

Kirk Herbstreit: Chris, I think we can all expect a verbal beatdown by Urban and Nick of the Boy Blunder.

Lee Corso: Hello? You know I’m fond of the saying: “Don’t taunt the alligator until after you’ve crossed the creek.” Looks like I’ll be wearing the Gator mascot head in September at the Swamp when Kiffin and Meyer meet.

Fowler: It appears everyone is in the meeting right now except Kiffin so let’s quickly go to Desmond Howard for an interview.

Howard: Coach, why are you in the hallway instead of the meeting?

Kiffin: What’s your problem, buddy? Can’t you see I’m not finished with my ice cream cone yet? Now beat it.

Fowler: So much for getting a Heisman pose out of Desmond. Let’s go inside the meeting where it appears Kiffin has now been seated.

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