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BRUMFIELD – You gotta admire the...

BRUMFIELD – You gotta admire the date pick

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 13, 2009

BRUMFIELD:You gotta admire the date pick

And so, here we are, on the eve of wrapping up this notorious case and perhaps its fraternal twin …

The last “Scruggs I” defendants to be sentenced are Timothy Balducci and Steven Patterson. They were the first, in that order, to plead guilty.

Balducci melted like a hot knife through soft butter when the Feds said “Gotcha.” Patterson was acknowledged by the government to be merely a bit player in the drama.

Reports say Balducci has a magnificent singing voice, while Patterson has done what he can to hold a tune.

And so, as “Scruggs I” watchers wondered when they’d be sentenced, Biggers apparently decided to set their day on Friday the 13th.

Knowing how sternly the judge has treated the other three defendants, I would be a bit concerned about my chances, if I were Balducci or Patterson.

It certainly isn’t likely, but I’d really get excited if His Honor would enter the courtroom attired like Jason in the legendary, and seemingly never-ending “Friday the 13th” movie series, hockey mask and all. The black robe works, too.

You’ve got to figure the specter of a nightmare like that could deter any rest tonight for Balducci and Patterson as they seek some solace on the eve of perhaps the worst day of their lives.

Patsy Brumfield
NE MS Daily Journal

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