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“POPULAR” sends letter to...

“POPULAR” sends letter to Rep. John Conyers about his aid to Paul Minor

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 12, 2009

February 12, 2009
Via Facsimile and U. S. Mail

The Honorable John Conyers, Jr.
Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee
2426 Rayburn, HOB
Washington, D. C. 20515

RE: The House Judiciary Committee’s Investigation of Allegedly Political Prosecutions Including that of Mississippi Lawyer
Paul Minor

Dear Chairman Conyers:

POPULAR, Inc. (POPULAR) is an association of public interest attorneys and Juris Doctors advised by a board of
nonlawyer, community leaders. The nonprofit corporation is an acronym for “Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America
Restored.” Joined by various anti-corruption advocates, POPULAR debuted with a press conference at the National Press Club
in Washington, D.C. on November 20, 2008. For the next few months, an archived webcast of the event can be seen at:

As its name suggests, POPULAR strives to tear down the figurative “Wall Of Poverty” by helping safeguard justice and the
rule of law in America, particularly when people, cases, and causes are unpopular. POPULAR’s early initiatives include the
development and eventual hosting of an academic summit to consider needs for reform suggested by the questionable outcome
of an actual toxic tort case. Our investigation of the matter is revealing clear miscarriages of justice, precipitated by undue delay
and a prospect of insidious conduct by lawyers and judges involved. Ironically the House Judiciary Committee is questioning
unrelated legal processes for one (1) of those lawyers while POPULAR does so for much more vulnerable Americans.

Apparently on April 17, 2008, “. . . the House Judiciary Committee, under your leadership, directed the U. S. Department of
Justice, through its Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and the Office of Inspector General (OIG), to investigate and
evaluate the evidence that supported the conclusion . . . Mississippi attorney Paul S. Minor, was improperly prosecuted and
wrongfully convicted of politically motivated charges.” See, Hiram Eastland to Chairman Conyers – letter of 12/12/2008. Minor’
s lawyer represents that “(t)he OPR and OIG were presented with overwhelming evidence from your Committee and Mr. Minor’
s trial team led by Mr. Abbe Lowell that supported the conclusion that (Paul Minor) was indicted and prosecuted by Republican
appointed Mississippi U. S. Attorney Dunnica Lampton because he was a major contributor to and supporter of the Democratic
Party.” Id. If such is the case and is an intolerable example of prosecutorial misconduct compounded by trial error, the factor
fueling that intolerance must be Minor’s former role or status as a political contributor.

Countless Americans are improperly subjected to criminal and other prosecutions based on First Amendment activities more
sacrosanct than “major” contributions to political parties. Undoubtedly some of them are wrongfully convicted (or otherwise
sanctioned) as a result. Many of them could likely equal or surpass Paul Minor in justifying congressional oversight of their
circumstances. But relatively few of them are like current subjects of your committee investigations, i.e. former coroners,
governors, wealthy lawyers, and/or judges.

Unless an era has dawned in which “due process” routinely includes direct congressional review of questionable legal
proceedings, that being provided Paul Minor is a serious misdirection of limited government resources. Wealthy or once wealthy
lawyers such as Minor (not to mention former coroners, governors, and judges) are better positioned to correct trial and/or
appellate error without legislative action than most American litigants, respondents, and defendants. The concern Minor evokes
and corresponding response by the House Judiciary Committee marks a difference in how America generally responds to the
alleged persecution of its elites versus that of its marginalized citizenry.

Paul Minor represented now former students and teachers, injured in October 1985 when a sealant with an isocyanate
compound was sprayed on their school roof in Long Beach, Mississippi. Isocyanate received international attention the previous
year when a massive leak of the chemical killed about 10,000 people and severely injured thousands more in Bhopal, India.
POPULAR’s Advisory Board Vice-President, Mrs. Nancy Swan, was among those seriously and permanently injured in the
incident Minor addressed as plaintiffs’ counsel.

Certain facts are indisputable with regard to Mrs. Swan’s case handled by Paul Minor. It became a fifteen (15) year legal
odyssey involving five (5) separate judges. The first judge and his wife were shot to death in a seemingly unrelated situation.
Another of the judges was indicted, but later acquitted of bribery. Still another committed suicide after being charged with

As you know, Paul Minor is in prison for reportedly bribing former Circuit Judge John Whitfield who, incidentally, dismissed
Mrs. Swan’s referenced case with prejudice and sealed its record his last day on the bench. As you also know, former Judge
Whitfield is in prison based on his arguably illicit relationship with Paul Minor.

Mrs. Swan now lives with varying levels of constant pain, cognitive difficulties including short term memory lapses, early
onset of cataracts, poor equilibrium, a brain stem and extensive respiratory system injuries, petit mal seizures, and an immune
deficiency disorder – all apparently caused by her 1985 exposure to isocyanate. Minor settled a portion of Mrs. Swan’s case,
netting her funds that have long been exhausted by related medical expense. To date Mrs. Swan has not received an accounting
of all her settlement proceeds and is unable to secure legal counsel for post-judgment relief.

POPULAR looks forward to working with you during this 111th Congress to address matters truly warranting congressional
oversight. At some point they should include a close consideration of Mrs. Swan’s interaction with Paul Minor and John
Whitfield. In any event we will be directing various systematic, systemic abuses of legal process to your attention.

Thank you for your continuing commitment to individual liberty, due process, and equal protection. Should you have
questions or comments for me, please write me at 7519 W. 77th Avenue in Crown Point, Indiana 46307, email me at and/or contact me by phone at 1.888.478.4439 Ext 2.

Zena Crenshaw Logal,
Executive Director


Cc: Elliot Mincberg,
Oversight Counsel
House Judiciary Committee

Hiram C. Eastland, Jr.
Eastland Law Offices, PLLC

Dale Nathan, Esq., Dr. Christina Pak, Dr. Andrew D. Jackson,
Board President Board Vice President Deputy Director and Board Secretary

Dr. Mark Adams, Dr. Glenn Vickers Bey, Katherine Moore,
Board Treasurer Board Member Advisory Board President

Nancy Swan, Evelyn Johnson, Michayl Mellen, George Stokes,
Advisory Board V. Pres. Advisory Board Member Advisory Board Member Advisory Board Member

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