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Four Downs: Leach’s contract...

Four Downs: Leach’s contract controversy and more

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 12, 2009

Four Downs: Leach’s contract controversy and more

FIRST DOWN: Is Texas Tech crazy for allowing its contract negotiations with Mike Leach to continue in this seemingly constant stalled state?
Hayes: There’s a reason Leach has interviewed for a few jobs and inquired about many others. It has nothing to do with money; $2 million a year is more than enough for most coaches.
It’s more than buyout clauses or any other sticking point attorneys are haggling over. At some point, jobs become secondary to this overriding factor: quality of life.
If you knew nothing about Leach and his boss, Texas Tech AD Gerald Myers, you’d conclude that there is friction in the relationship — rather quickly — simply by following this contract saga the last two years.

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