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Both sides frustrated with Leach...

Both sides frustrated with Leach contract process

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 7, 2009

Both sides frustrated with Leach contract process

Monthslong communication between Texas Tech and agents for football coach Mike Leach show a growing frustration on both sides — including a rebuke to the agents from the chairman of Tech’s Board of Regents.
The university has given Leach a Feb. 17 deadline to sign a contract-extension of $12.7 million over five years, but Leach’s agents say he won’t sign because of four added elements they say make the proposal unacceptable.
Leach referred to the four terms to which he objected on Wednesday during his national signing day news conference. He later declined to discuss them specifically, but said he won’t agree to them.
Tech officials say the reason for some of the changes was concern about Leach’s interest in other jobs.

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