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Will they prove it on the field?

Will they prove it on the field?

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 6, 2009

Will they prove it on the field?

By Bo Bounds

The Sports Think Tank – Alright college football fans. Did your team sign 10 good players on signing day? Yep, that’s the number for an outstanding class. Fans across the country think they signed 25 good players this week. Some will tell you that 7 or 8 will be great. Not so.
If your staff did an outstanding job, they picked up 5 to 6 starters in this class. Think about it. The program you support signs around 25 players every year. Do the math.

Let’s break it down

25 scholarship players
– 5-8 become starters at some point
– 5-8 are really good backups and could start as seniors
– 5-8 are really good practice players and maybe 1 sees some playing time because of injury
– 5-8 get injured, homesick or don’t pan out

The Big 3 in Mississippi and all the SEC schools signed some good players this week. Florida, Bama and LSU didn’t sign 25 All-SEC players.

Some of the blue-chippers are on campus, and will take part in spring practice. Others will never set foot on campus. Who peaked their senior year in high school? Which player has tremendous upside? Who will be the sleeper in the class that has unlimited upside? Players will start from Day 1, and never see the field.

I’m ready for the season to start.

Bo Bounds is the host of the Out of Bounds show on Supersport 930. You can catch the show Monday – Friday, from 7AM – 10AM.

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