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It’s time to make those college...

It’s time to make those college ‘commitments’ real

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 3, 2009

It’s time to make those college ‘commitments’ real

If you have no more than a passing interest in college football recruiting, you’ve seen about a million variations of the same story.

Joe Jockstrap makes a verbal commitment to School A. It’s merely “verbal” because even though he believes he is absolutely certain where he wants to go to college, he can’t sign a binding letter of intent until months later. But other coaches keep calling, reporters keep asking, the mail and the texts keeps coming, recruiting “experts” keep pestering, and by the time national signing day finally gets here, poor Joe has changed his mind. School B looks good. And School C, it wasn’t even recruiting him before. And School D, uh, well, it promised to make him the head coach after his 15-year NFL career ended. He may have made a public promise to attend School A, but hey, he’s just a confused kid. And besides, people lie all the time. Why shouldn’t he change his mind?

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