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YP – Rep. Travis Childers...

YP – Rep. Travis Childers (D-MS01) reverses course – now for bailout…after he was against it x2

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 29, 2009

Representative Travis Childers has reversed course and voted for the latest bailout bill endorsed by President Barack Obama.

In a roll call vote, Childers joined 243 others in voting for the stimulus package. In a sign of solidarity, all 177 Republicans (1 absent) held firm in the House against this bill.

Childers notably voted against the auto bailout bill in December.

In a press release on that vote, he had this to say.

“Washington needs to get back to commonsense solutions. We need to have a more down-to-earth, fiscally responsible perspective on the vast amounts of money we are so hastily doling out – money that we really don’t have in the first place.

He also voted against the similar bailout bill in August (coincidentally before an election). In that vote, he was very clear about his thoughts on bailouts.

“Hard-working families are struggling in the face of job losses and home foreclosures resulting from overall economic instability. They are justifiably angry about a bailout that would require them to dig deeper into their pockets to rescue Wall Street from it’s own recklessness.”

“Earlier this year, I voted against a budget that would raise the federal debt to an unprecedented level. Today, I was again compelled to vote my conscience against a massive debt increase.”

Apparently, his conscience and political worldview has had a change of heart since the election.

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