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Nutt never slows down on the recruiting...

Nutt never slows down on the recruiting trail

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 29, 2009

Nutt never slows down on the recruiting trail

Here comes Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt. He’s smiling and walking fast. Nutt does everything fast – talks fast, thinks fast, smiles fast. But everything about him is even more accelerated at this moment as he strides into an executive terminal at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport following a home visit with a recruit.
“It went great,” Nutt says. “That kid has a terrific family, the mom, the dad. I think we have a chance to get him.”

That’s all Nutt can ask for at this moment: a chance. Recruiting is difficult, and the hunt for talent is hitting its apex. Nutt knows now is when championship rosters are built. He can draw up Xs and Os on a grease board as well as any coach, but they sure as heck work a lot better if you have star athletes executing them.

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