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DM – “Turning in his (Ed...

DM – “Turning in his (Ed Peters’) bar card was likely part of the agreement”

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 7, 2009

Alleged Scruggs II conspiritor submitts ‘irrevocable resignation’

Peters allegedly accepted $50,000 of tax free money from Scruggs, Balducci testified last spring. When Delaughter ruled in Scruggs favor, Scruggs gave $1.5 million to Langston to split with Peters and Patterson, part of Langston’s guilty plea says.

A lawyer close to the case has said Peters has been cooperating with governments investigation into Scruggs II. Another attorney involved in the case said the U.S. Attorney’s and Department of Justice likely worked out a plea arangment as part of his cooperation. Turning in his bar card was likely part of the agreement.

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