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MS Public Service Commissioner Brandon...

MS Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley blasts Entergy CEO Haley Fisackerly

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 4, 2008

Commissioner Presley blasts Fisackerly

Presley said, “There is a lot of high-flying rhetoric being thrown around over the issue of attorney general Jim Hood’s lawsuit against Entergy Mississippi regarding the company’s fuel purchasing practices in Mississippi along with allegations of fraud and violations of the state’s consumer protection and antitrust laws. There is also quite a bit of misinformation and misperception about the Public Service Commission’s role in this matter.

“The attorney general has constitutional and legal powers that the Public Service Commission simply does not have. The attorney general’s lawsuit centers around consumer protection and antitrust violations that the Commission has no legal authority to enforce.

Mr. Haley Fisackerly, CEO of Entergy Mississippi, has made many statements over the past several days expressing everything from hurt feelings to making unfounded, wild accusations of ‘back room’ strong-arm tactics by the attorney general to the members of the PSC. Mr. Fisackerly is dead wrong, and his statements are very misleading and very irresponsible. It is obvious to me that Mr. Fisackerly and Entergy want to bring about a ‘turf war’ between the PSC and the attorney general over who has what jurisdiction in this matter and use this Commission as a pawn for their own legal maneuvering. This is not a game I am willing to play.

“It should be noted that it was the PSC that first opened an investigation into Entergy’s fuel procurement practices in July. The issues we are investigating, although similar, are different from those being alleged by attorney general Hood. The attorney general’s allegations refer mainly to Entergy’s purchasing of electricity among their sister companies and whether or not those transactions have violated Mississippi law.

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