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SEC FOOTBALL COMMENTARY: Here are the best of Media Days

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 27, 2008

SEC FOOTBALL COMMENTARY: Here are the best of Media Days

HOOVER — By Friday afternoon, a couple of hours after the last coaches walked out the revolving door at the Wynfrey Hotel, the only remnants of 2008 SEC Media Days were a bunch of green pens, enough wasted paper to make a tree literally cry and a billion or so plastic cups scattered throughout the various ballrooms.
The event, important enough to receive interest from 850 media members, had ended with little fanfare, as it usually does. Sure, the sound bites from the event will live on for the next week or so. We might even laugh about the Phillip Fulmer-subpoena incident for a few days. But that’s about all we’ll get.
It doesn’t seem right. All the fanfare, all the hoopla — and it just ends without even a whimper? I’m tired of spending three days of my life each year on an event that no one remembers as soon as it’s over. So, I’m doing something about it.
Starting this year, we’re going to hold ourselves a little awards ceremony. There will be no hardware. There’s also no red carpet and no paparazzi. But you got me, and all of these grand memories.
Best Interview: Dicky Lyons, Kentucky wide receiver.

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