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SLABBED – Acker grants limited...

SLABBED – Acker grants limited relief to Rigsby Gals and Dickie . . . Orders them to turn it over

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 2, 2008

Acker issues a WTF-just-show-it-all-I’m-tired-of-playing Order in Renfroe v Rigsby

Order is here

In other words, he’s held onto them long enough to do as much damage as possible to the Qui Tam claim and Scruggs – and now for the punch line.

Therefore, the court goes beyond the requests made in the motions of Cori Rigsby and Scruggs, and hereby ORDERS that Cori Rigsby, Scruggs, any and all witnesses,deponents, and entities subject to discovery requests in litigation now pending or to be filed in any other court are RELIEVED from any obligation imposed by this court not to disclose information, even though the materials being disclosed may be within the description contained in the injunction of December 8, 2006.

To the extent not thus granted, this order renders MOOT the motions by Cori Rigsby and Scruggs, as well as the objections to the motions presented by Renfroe.

Renfroe’s motion to allow State Farm access to the materials covered by the injunction is well taken, and is GRANTED. Unless former counsel for the Rigsbys are willing to deliver their protected copies of the documents to State Farm, State Farm is hereby ALLOWED to make copies of the documents now held by counsel for Renfroe, but shall not make them available to the general public.


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