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You hate Charlie Weis, but do you...

You hate Charlie Weis, but do you really know him?

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 30, 2008

You hate Charlie Weis, but do you really know him?

He knows you’re coming, and at this point the inevitable has happened. He’s stuck with you. For two days, flying thousands of miles in a small private plane with all the comfort of a four-door sedan. The sportswriter vs. Charlie Weis. He’d rather take a sledgehammer to the knees than endure this torture.
“I know why you’re here,” he says.
The natural response: Why?
“To see if I’m human,” he replies.
Here he is, everyone. Charlie Weis: the most hated man in college sports.
From his arrogance to his controversial hiring at Notre Dame, to a contract extension seven games into his first season, to a third season that was the most humiliating at Notre Dame in decades.
Charlie Weis doesn’t do the media. Never has, maybe never will again. You see him on the dais in those staged news conferences with a pressed white shirt, blue and gold tie and ND logos adorning the background. It’s questions and answers and X’s and O’s, and he — like nearly every other coach in every other sport — has complete control.

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