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Templeton: Right man at right time for...

Templeton: Right man at right time for State

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 29, 2008

Templeton: Right man at right time for State

When I talked to Larry Templeton Friday afternoon late, he had just finished mowing about five acres of his land.
“It’s hot as Hades out there,” he said. “On the other hand nobody wanted tickets or better seats. Nobody wanted a raise. Nobody complained about their seeding.”
Athletic directors make thousands of decisions yearly that affect tens of thousands of people. Invariably, some of those decisions make people angry.
In 21 years as athletic director at Mississippi State – and in a lifetime of service to his school – Templeton made far more good and wise decisions than poor ones. He served his university well. He rose to a position of influence and authority among his peers, both in the Southeastern Conference and around the country.

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