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Scruggs urges leniency in motion to...

Scruggs urges leniency in motion to judge

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 26, 2008

Scruggs urges leniency in motion to judge

Attorney Dickie Scruggs’ legal team filed a motion Wednesday afternoon that urges a federal judge to give Scruggs a sentence of 30 months rather than the maximum five years in prison he could serve for conspiring to bribe a state court judge.

The lengthy motion describes Scruggs’ young life and his achievements as a Navy fighter pilot and a lawyer. It also quotes from some of the 248 letters about Scruggs sent to sentencing Judge Neal B. Biggers Jr.

“Scruggs pleaded guilty and made clear to the Court he understands his culpability and the criminal nature of his conduct in furnishing funds to Judge (Henry) Lackey in exchange for an order in his favor on the arbitration motion. Moreover, those who know Scruggs have observed that he has accepted responsibility for his criminal conduct and is deeply ashamed for what he has done.

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