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YP – The continued attempt to...

YP – The continued attempt to ‘buff-up’ jailed felon Paul Minor

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 21, 2008

Courtesy of our friends at Slabbed (who apparently never met a criminal they didn’t like), we find this Legal Schnauzer article, which quotes from controversial “retired” bishop-turned-courtroom-advocate-for-his-buddies, Bishop Joe Doss.

From Mr. Doss’s legal/theological thinktank . . .

Statement of Bishop Joe Doss of Free America’s Political Prisoners:

It should be abhorrent to every American citizen that a man is forced to remain in prison while–as his appeal brief so clearly shows–there are glaring questions surrounding how this case was investigated, prosecuted and tried.

Paul Minor carries the additional burden of knowing that his wife is dying of cancer and has been given only a short time to live. His unjust incarceration makes it very likely that he will never see her again. Paul’s release on bond pending appeal is not only legally justified, but considering the imminent death of his wife Sylvia, it is mandated if this process is to salvage a scintilla of basic human decency.

It stands in direct contrast to everything that this country professes to stand for that Paul Minor has not been allowed to remain free on appeal while the prosecutor who brought the bogus charges against him is himself currently under investigation by the U.S. Congress and the Office of Professional Responsibility at the Department of Justice.

The fact that the prosecutor and his office are being investigated about the origins of this prosecution raises more than enough doubt about the conviction to warrant Paul Minor’s immediate release pending a thorough hearing on the legality of the prosecution and the ultimate hearing of Mr. Minor’s appeal before the fifth circuit court of appeals.

Maybe, just maybe, Minor should have thought about his own conduct (documented extensively on YallPolitics) before he cries crocodile tears of having been caught and judged by a jury of his peers.

The truth is that Doss is not that widely read in macro matters of “freeing political prisoners”. In fact, our friends at Overlawyered remember Doss in the courtroom for Minor with a collar on or about the same time that Massah Minah cracked the whip and had Wayne Dowdy and Rep. Bennie Thompson sit in on his court proceedings on command.

From the Overlawyered article . . .

The jury forewoman revealed in her questionnaire that she had handed out fliers for former U.S. Rep. Wayne Dowdy, and none other than Rep. Dowdy in person dropped by to sit behind the defense table on Monday, as did Rep. Bennie Thompson.

Bishop Doss sure can pick ’em. I mean, how can we as a society put a man in jail with the moral fiber of Minor?

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