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Commentary: Tiger was foolish to play...

Commentary: Tiger was foolish to play in U.S. Open

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 20, 2008

Commentary: Tiger was foolish to play in U.S. Open

The victory doesn’t justify the foolishness. Tiger Woods did the wrong thing, and knows it. He knew it all along, but his greatness and arrogance wouldn’t allow him to take care of himself – as his doctors pleaded with him to do – and it’s time to pay the price for such conceit.
Woods will miss the remainder of the golf season. He’ll undergo reconstructive surgery of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. He’ll also require a rehabilitation period for a double stress fracture of the left tibia, which is an injury, according to Woods’ IMG representatives, “attributed to intense preparations” for the U.S. Open.
“Now, it is clear that the right thing to do is to listen to my doctors, follow through with this surgery and focus my attention on rehabilitating my knee,” Woods said in a statement.

Only now?
It’s silly for Woods to use the U.S. Open trophy as an any-means-to-an-end shield. While the triumph absolutely underscores Woods’ unfathomable skill and remarkable fortitude, it hardly serves as an endorsement of his judgment.
Woods’ victory for his 14th professional major title is, of course, only enhanced by the news regarding the extent of his debilitation.
The legend grows.
But at what cost?

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