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SH – Musgrove gets 2nd disclosure...

SH – Musgrove gets 2nd disclosure delay

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 18, 2008

Musgrove gets 2nd disclosure delay

“Why couldn’t Ronnie Musgrove produce his public finances on time?” asked Ryan Annison, spokesman for Wicker’s campaign. “What is he trying to hide by filing for an extension? Ronnie Musgrove has had 5½ months to comply with the ethics rules, but apparently he needs more time. Mississippians deserve candidates who are honest, timely and ethical about their personal finances, not candidates who need 30 more days to think about it.”

Wicker’s report was filed May 15, Annison said.

Musgrove’s campaign manager, Tim Phillips, said Tuesday candidates often receive similar extensions, and he believes Musgrove’s filing will come before the end of the second extension. The holdup is that as an attorney, Musgrove is required to produce a list of all his clients and it’s taking him a while to do that, Phillips said.

“I don’t really understand how that is skirting public financial disclosure,” Phillips said. “It’s absolutely part of the regime of financial disclosure. It is no different than getting an extension on your taxes.”

Phillips called Annison’s statements that Musgrove was skirting responsibility a “typical Republican charge without any facts.”

Musgrove and Wicker are set to square off Nov. 4 to vie to fill the seat Trent Lott vacated with his retirement late last year. Gov. Haley Barbour appointed Wicker to hold the seat until then.

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