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Tiger Woods is the true master of...

Tiger Woods is the true master of suspense

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 16, 2008

Tiger Woods is the true master of suspense

LA JOLLA — Contrary to popular opinion, Tiger Woods is not a golfer. He is a leading character in an Agatha Christie mystery novel.

Need a story line to captivate and mesmerize? Get Tiger.
Want the story to have drama, action and a mystical hero? Get Tiger.
Want a guarantee that the buildup won’t get to a peak and suddenly fall flat? Get Tiger and put a putter in his hands.
On the 72nd hole of the United States Open on Sunday, Tiger Woods did what he almost always does. He came through in the clutch. He gave us goose bumps. He made us wonder how anybody can succeed so often at such a high level in such an imperfect game.

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