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For State’s irate Polk, it was...

For State’s irate Polk, it was one last detail

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 11, 2008

For State’s irate Polk, it was one last detail

This is the truth, so help me Casey Stengel, and when I saw it I knew I would remember it till my dying day.

It was wintertime, basketball season, and we were up at Mississippi State covering a game. In the hallway behind the arena at Humphrey Coliseum there was a bulletin board. That day’s baseball practice schedule was listed.
There were all the usual things. Warming up. Infield practice. Batting practice.
For 3:28 p.m., I kid you not, the listing read: Practice intentional walks.
Ron Polk was not then nor is he now a man who believes there is any such thing as an unimportant detail.
We laughed that night. But there’s more at play here than merely an acute sensitivity to detail, which is not unheard of among elite coaches.

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