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NATCHEZMS – Will Jim Hood support...

NATCHEZMS – Will Jim Hood support Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as a Delegate?

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 9, 2008

Live From the MS State Convention II

Attorney General Hood was elected as the unpledged delegate to the National Convention. Now they’re electing the 4 Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) delegates – 3 for Obama and 1 for Clinton. Senator David Jordan, Representative Angela Cockerham, and former Governor Ray Mabus were elected as Obama PLEO delegates. Former Senator and former party chair Gloria Robinson was elected as the Clinton PLEO delegate.

The state delegates then adopted a party platform without discussion. One major plank was increasing the cigarette tax (one of the lowest in the country) and decreasing the tax on food (one of the highest in the country) – and is in stark contrast to the Republican policy.

In the Democratic party, rules require equal numbers of male and female delegates, but all other goals for diversity are recommended not required. At this point, there are more male delegates than female. So the election of delegates today has to correct the inbalance. There was some delay in figuring the numbers, partly because Mississippi increased their allocated number of delegates when Travis Childers was elected.

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