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Gallo Notes- Saturday’s Democrat...

Gallo Notes- Saturday’s Democrat Cookout with Franks.

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 5, 2008

Gallo Notes- Saturday’s Democrat Cookout with Franks.

Franks- The Mississippi Democrats, riding a wave of enthusiasm, will meet Saturday to select their new leadership. All sources point to Mooreville, Mississippi attorney and former Lt. Gov. candidate Jamie Franks to replace Wayne Dowdy. Franks may consider it a runner-up position since kicking himself for not running for Congress. Each time I’ve talked with Franks, he always downplays the Chairman position. That said, he’s hooked on politics and this will have to do until making another run at the Lt. Gov’s position in the future.

I’m going to miss Wayne Dowdy. He’s provided my show with some of the best, most incredulous, asinine and just plain bizarre sound bites imaginable. The Republican Party will also miss his leadership. We can only hope that Jamie Franks is as effective in building the Party as Dowdy. If so, Mr. McCoy may be spending more time in the future on the worm farm.
Musgrove-GOP Ex. Dir. Brad White was on the Program this week stating that Musgrove made statements regarding his desire to continue the ban on drilling for oil in ANWAR. White also stated that Musgrove made statement in a Gulf Coast appearance to the Medical Association that he was against socialized medicine, “For now!” Musgrove called the show moments later to dispute Brad White’s comments.

My thoughts about Musgrove’s comments on the air that he was adamantly against the Democrats stance on drilling-“IF we can build more refineries”, proved he’s the Master of the preposition. When I countered with, “But Governor, your Party is against that!” he reminded me that he’s Ronnie Musgrove and not tied to Party loyalty. Well here’s the question, if the voters want a conservative, why choose one that has to battle his own Party?
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