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Adams: Nutt quick-change artist as a...

Adams: Nutt quick-change artist as a Rebel

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 1, 2008

Adams: Nutt quick-change artist as a Rebel

DESTIN, Fla. – Houston Nutt was wearing a familiar straw hat and a not-so-familiar sports shirt at the SEC spring meetings this week.

The shirt’s Ole Miss logo will take awhile getting used to on the longtime Arkansas football coach. Nonetheless, this could be one of the smoothest coaching transitions in SEC history.
Nutt’s new Ole Miss contract surpassed his old one at Arkansas. His talent looks better. And his recruiting area won’t change much.
Moreover, he’s still in the SEC, where he coached the team he grew up with as a Little Rock native.
No wonder Nutt went from Arkansas to Ole Miss as fast as coach Bobby Petrino went from the Atlanta Falcons to Arkansas. His decision was as easy as it was quick.
“Arkansas really didn’t want me,” Nutt said. “Deep down inside, I felt that way. Ten years is a long time in this league.”

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