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Who Will Be Spurrier’s Man?

Who Will Be Spurrier’s Man?

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 29, 2008

Who Will Be Spurrier’s Man?

Ever since Steve Spurrier made his triumphant return to the SEC there’s been one question on everyone’s mind. Will the South Carolina Gamecocks ever turn into the Fun N’ Gun team that the Gators were during Spurrier’s coaching campaign of the nineties?

So far the Gamecocks have been everything but. Last season, South Carolina appeared to be off to a fast start, and they had big wins. One of their finest moments came early in the season against Tennessee. However, the faltered down the pivotal stretch of SEC games, and ended up just how they have been for years. That is, behind Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Spurrier won’t settle for being second fiddle. His answer, Stephan Garcia. Many of you may not know the name yet, but let’s just say he’s got credentials. Two years ago when working for I had the pleasure of following this athlete. He was the second coming of Tim Tebow in Florida, and chose South Carolina over many fine schools.

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