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Gallo Notes-Is There Toyota Trouble in...

Gallo Notes-Is There Toyota Trouble in Tupelo?

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 29, 2008

Gallo Notes-May 29, 2008

Several weeks ago Toyota announced they were delaying the opening of the Mississippi plant that will build the Highlander SUV. Toyota has also announced a scaled back production of its Tundra pickup truck that has found favor even with longtime and loyal Ford and GM buyers. Mike O’Brien oversees Toyota’s U.S. product planning and is quoted recently as saying, “I’ve never seen so many uncertainties.”

For the first time in nearly nine years, Toyota’s U.S. sales have decreased, prompting the automaker’s announcement last week that it believes its annual sales and profits will decline in 2008 for the first time in nine years. State officials are trying to put the best face forward on this negative news, but everyone has the jitters pertaining to the Blue Springs plant.

So how will the people in Northeast Mississippi feel when their new Congressman votes the “Pelosi Party” line on shooting down any drilling and refining legislation? Wouldn’t that mean that his support would assist in the continuation of high gas prices? If so, that would mean more pressure on Toyota and the auto industry. True to form, the Democrat have been tremendously successful on both fronts-condemning US efforts in the oil rich Middle East and blocking efforts here at home to use our incredible oil reserves. So what do we do as voters? We elect another democrat to help us out. Go figger. No wonder we are jittery.

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