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Dickie and Zach Scruggs still in the...

Dickie and Zach Scruggs still in the McIntosh fight . . .

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 29, 2008

Well folks, you’ve been waiting for it. Here ’tis. Dickie and Zach are back in the public records spotlight.

Courtesy of our friends at Slabbed, we find that “Non-Parties” Dickie and Zach are now objecting to federal district court to revisit a magistrate judge’s decision and to issue a stay from the document production bombshell laid upon them on May 15.

From the Objection . . .

…the documents that the Magistrate Judge ordered the Scruggses to produce all relate either to Cori and Kerri Rigsby or the conduct of Richard Scruggs and the Scruggs Law Firm.

These documents are of no relevance now that the Scruggs Law Firm has withdrawn from this case, the Court has disqualified all the former members of the Scruggs Katrina Group, the Court has excluded the Rigsbys as witnesses, and the Court has excluded the documents they uncovered while working for Defendant E.A. Renfroe & Co. (“Renfroe”)…

Their argument seems to be, “No matter how bad we screwed up legally, we should be excused because we have decided to drop the case (seeing as how we can no longer practice law because of how badly we screwed up).”

This is awfully slippery turf for the Scruggs boys. Dickie still has some potential outstanding criminal liability left (if you believe federal prosecutors) since Joey Langston took the express route to the courthouse to rat out his client and bestest buddy (Dickie) in yet another bribery scheme. Both Scruggs and his son still face sentencing for their admitted roles in bribing a state court judge to gain an unfair advantage in a lawsuit involving lawyers fighting over legal fees like a pack of rabid hyenas fighting over a carcass.

Though the Legal Advisory Division of YallPolitics cannot officially dispense legal advice, the braintrust was able to come up with one publicly deliverable bit of advice for the “gentleman lawyer” et. al.

DROP THE DAMN MCINTOSH LAWSUIT! (or at least get it dropped)

First of all, every plaintiffs lawyer in at least four states that can even spell D_I_C_K_I_E has already been disqualified from these cases. Secondly, one of the original McIntosh lawyers was the Scruggs’ lawyer/consigliere, Mike Moore. You’d think they could at least pull that string to . . . uh . . . “make ’em an offer they can’t refuse”. Having to generate these documents will be a disaster for the Scruggs. That’s pretty obvious because if it were “no big deal”, they would have already done it and stayed out of the limelight. At a minimum, it will further tarnish their reputation at a time when Judge Biggers will have a lot to consider for sentencing. Worst case scenario is that it opens them up to even more criminal and civil issues.

The YallPolitics Nation needs to stay tuned on this one. A big hattip goes to Slabbed for a very comprehensive post.

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