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Cook: Houston Nutt looks to bring...

Cook: Houston Nutt looks to bring success and tradition back to Ole Miss

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 29, 2008

Cook: Houston Nutt looks to bring success and tradition back to Ole Miss

When college football coaches get fired, it is usually a time of worry (although those buyouts can be comforting in a time of tribulation). Even though they get those nice golden parachutes, a coach wants to coach. He hates being unemployed, especially in the fall when he is bombarded by college football.
He worries about his family, his reputation, his assistant coaches and their families. And, he worries about where he might land next. Sometimes those worry lasts for months, maybe even years.
That’s what made Houston’s Nutt departure from Arkansas so strange.

His time of worry lasted only a few hours. He was named the Ole Miss coach almost before the word of his departure from the Razorbacks had even reached the most remote outposts of Arkansas.

“It was time for me to leave Arkansas,” said Nutt. “Ten years is a long time to be at one place.”

His breakup after a 10-year marriage to Arkansas was ugly. There was as acrimonious split with his offensive coordinator, who had been forced on him in the first place. There were suggestions of improper behavior with a female television reporter with whom he exchanged a large number of text messages.

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