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In football, the ACC will never be the...

In football, the ACC will never be the SEC

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 23, 2008

In football, the ACC will never be the SEC

Look, I don’t want to go off just because it’s easier to react and attack than reflect and respect. That said, I can hold these thoughts no longer: The ACC blew it when it expanded to 12 teams.

As we head into the fourth season of the 12-team ACC, it’s obvious things just aren’t working out — at least on the field. This, everyone, is what happens when money dictates change.

“There were numerous reasons for expansion,” says ACC commissioner John Swofford.
At the top of the list: greed and envy. There’s a reason those are two of the seven deadly sins.

In the three seasons since the ACC grew to 12, it has yet to win a BCS bowl game — in fact, the conference has lost its last eight BCS games — and hasn’t sniffed the national title chase. No big-boy conference has a worse record in the elite bowl games.
By comparison, the SEC has won three national titles in the past five seasons and has the best record of all conferences in BCS bowls since the format was adopted in 1998. Why do I bring up the SEC? Because the SEC is part of the reason the ACC is in this mess.

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