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A former Duck in the Magnolia State

A former Duck in the Magnolia State

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 15, 2008

A former Duck in the Magnolia State
Small world, that in Oregon’s first-round game in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament on Friday, the Ducks play Mississippi State, where the new director of athletics, effective July 1, is Greg Byrne.
Who used to dog-sit the golden retriever of then-Oregon basketball coach Don Monson, a neighbor, and pick up the mail when the Monsons were out of town.

Who was a ballboy at Autzen Stadium, and a graduate of Sheldon High School, and who remembers, as a college student, playing pickup games in the spring and summer with Ducks such as Jordy Lyden and Antoine Stoudamire.
Whose father, Bill, was Oregon’s AD from 1984 to 1992, among other accomplishments building the Casanova Center, where Greg Byrne went to work for the Ducks as a fundraiser in 1995.

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